1915 TURBO project

So the 1915 turbo is back in my livingroom

I will try this week or next week to let run the engine.


We have only 1 problem, we don't know what kind of exaust we will mount????


What do YOU think??




Let me know............... 

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Ask the cops !!! The first exhaust is amazing but maybe too much. I don't think cops will like it. But i don't think cops will like the car. lol. So the question is "wich one one is the more radikal ? ". The first of course.

Écrit par : coast cruiser | 31/03/2006

cops cops cops?????? IT's right coast cruiser the cops didn't like this type of cars, but gianni f**k them all.
If he will drive with it he shall do it too

Écrit par : gasburner | 31/03/2006

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